24 Hour, 7 & 30 Day Reporting Features


A typical 24-Hour Patient Summary.

Dynamic details on mouse hover

Graph values revealed on mouse hover.

ENSIGN collects an unprecedented amount of patient data and this can be a valuable resource when problem solving. 

For example, Mrs. Smith is unusually quiet today and her ENSIGN record indicates a restless night. Staff might then conclude that a caregiver should check to see if there are any issues that may be causing her discomfort.

The starting date for a selected report can be modified using a date & time selector and reports can be generated for any date during the patient's stay and for up to 30 days after the patient has been discharged. 

The charts and graphs can be individually exported and downloaded as PDF files and many have interactive features such as dynamic generation of details when the mouse pointer travels over a graph (see image below).

ENSIGN reports are unique. They make accessible the type of data that was previously reserved for intensive care patients.

The images below are examples of some of the graphs and charts generated by ENSIGN.

Daily Report. Our unique 'Sleep Quality' report provides powerful insights into patient behaviour and comfort.

7 Day Trends

Heart rate, Respiratory Rate, Sleep Quality and Movement from 7 Day Trends. 

30 Day Trends

 Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, Sleep Quality and Movement from the 30 Day Trends.

Heart and Respiratory Rate

Heart Rate (top) and Respiratory Rate (bottom).

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