Non-Invasive Health Monitoring

Bed Sensor Pad (BSP)

BSP fitted to a bed frame.

The BSP is conveniently hidden underneath the mattress for patient comfort. There is no need to attach anything to the patient and no need to intrude on their privacy. 

Inside the BSP are several different types of sensors and an electronics module that attaches to the external Wi-Fi module (external so that it can be easily positioned for optimum Wi-Fi signal strength).

The sensors detect bed-exits, movement, heart and respiratory rate. With the BSP installed under the mattress it is less exposed to wear & tear damage from everyday use than above-mattress sensor systems. Being completely contained under the mattress and bed the BSP is out of view, supporting a tidy, professional caring environment and minimising any tripping hazards or potential maintenance issues. 

The BSP conveniently folds for storage and transport and is easily cleaned.

Installation of a BSP on to the bed frame is simple and a flexible attachment kit comes with each BSP, ensuring compatibility with almost all standard hospital beds.

Please contact us if you are not sure if the pad will fit your bed frame/s. Our support staff have a wealth of experience in the caring industries and will be able to advise the best way to install your BSPs. 


What's In The Box?

what's in the box

  1. Bed Sensor Pad (BSP)
  2. Reusable Carton
  3. AC Adaptor
  4. Wi-Fi Module
  5. Connecting Cable
  6. BSP Attachment Kit
  7. Cable Fastener Kit



Check Bed Frame Compatibility

Call us to check if your bed frames are compatible with our Bed Sensor Pads (BSP).

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