Individual Patient Cards (IPC)

ipcIndividual Patient Card (IPC)

  1. Room Number - in an emergency a caregiver will know exactly where to go.
  2. Patient's Name  
  3. Heart Rate - shows continuous monitoring of heart rate.
  4. Respiratory Rate - shows continuous monitoring of respiratory rate.
  5. Reports - easy access to the entire history of observations for each patient. 
  6. Alarm Status Area - caregivers can see the status of their patients at a glance.
  7. Mute Function - turns off the audible alarm.
  8. Notification Area - incontinence, Wi-Fi connectivity and disability level. 

An IPC in an alarm state.

Caregivers and administrators view detailed and real-time heart and respiratory rate information for each patient as well as the patient’s care level, current alarms and bed location.

Multiple IPCs can be grouped together in the Patient Status Page (PSP) under a general location or specific area heading. The group heading might be the name of a ward or facility to reflect your organisation's structure. In our demonstration screenshots we use "East Wing", "West Wing" etc to reflect a typical hospital. Individual carers can be linked to a group so that they only see the IPCs of the patients that they are responsible for while at the same time an administrator can view all IPCs.


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